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Care for your chair

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Your new deckchair from The Deckchair Shop isn't just any chair; it's handcrafted using the finest beech hardwood and cotton canvas. It has been made with love and care and needs to be treated kindly in its new home if it's to live a long and happy life.

Here's how you can care for your chair:


Think of your chair like a hedgehog.


It needs somewhere dry and well-ventilated to hibernate, out of direct sunlight. It shouldn't be left outside in all weathers or stored in a damp shed with no air flow.

Cotton canvas is environmentally friendly, comfortable and durable; the vibrant colours are created with UV-resistant dyes but as with all natural fabrics, it will fade if left out in the sunshine for long periods of time; we recommend not leaving your chair outside unless it is being sat on.


Just like a hedgehog, your chair needs feeding occasionally.

The tipple of choice for a hardwood beech deckchair frame is good quality linseed oil.

linseed oil

Apply in the direction of the wood grain in thin coats once a year before leaving to dry completely.

Any scratches can be removed with a light sand followed by application of a good quality hardwood oil.

As with all outdoor furniture, if you notice loose screws or bolts, simply tighten or replace them. You can request replacement parts from The Deckchair Shop.


[This is where the hedgehog analogy falls apart - do not try and wash a hedgehog with soapy water. Or anything else].

If you spill anything on your beloved cotton canvas chair, don't panic. You can wipe off any excess and clean in situ using warm water, mild detergent and a soft cloth.

soapy water and soft cloth

Alternatively you can remove the sling from the frame and wash on a cool wash cycle. Cotton canvas is best line-dried so avoid tumble drying, and ensure the fabric is 100% dry before storing.


Congratulations on your deckchair purchase - we're sure you will have many happy hours enjoying the quality and comfort it brings, and if you look after your chair, your chair will look after you.


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