traditional deck chair for Head Gardener in forest green cotton canvas
traditional cotton canvas deckchair for garden in bright orange
high quality cotton canvas traditional deckchair in magenta - for Head Gardener
gifts for gardeners - high quality traditional deckchair in black cotton canvas
gifts for gardeners - Head Gardener deckchair in grey
traditional deckchair for gardener - purple cotton canvas
red cotton canvas deckchair for Head Gardener
cotton canvas deckchair in royal blue for Head Gardener
traditional deck chair in navy blue - personalised head gardener
Head Gardener deck chair in turquoise cotton canvas fabric
Head Gardener white cotton canvas deckchair made from sustainably sourced hardwood
Head Gardener deckchair in lime green
gifts for gardeners - brightly coloured yellow deckchair for head gardener
lemon zest cotton canvas fabric deck chair for gardener
gifts for gardeners - deep red cotton canvas traditional deckchair
Head Gardener traditional deck chair in natural fabric

Hardwood Deckchairs - Head Gardener

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  • Sustainable hardwood frame finished with teak oil - for real quality looks
  • 100% cotton canvas printed sling - bright colours for that extra pop in your garden

All of our timber frames are made with sustainable, durable hardwood and finished with teak oil. They have a noticeably more solid feel than most deckchairs. We are committed to maintaining excellent build quality and are very focused on our environmental impact by sourcing sustainable timber.

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Approximate dimensions (when folded flat): 58cm x 132cm x 5cm.

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